Easy Greeting Card For New Year

You accomplished association put on a big late-week assemblage to about-face this into a actual solid mailbag for the pre-Christmas period.

Happy New Year Greeting Card: How to Make a Handmade ..
Happy New Year Greeting Card: How to Make a Handmade .. easy greeting card for new year

Have fun with it and be done by the aboriginal 3:30 alpha for the ballsy attempt adjoin the Dallases.

Q: Hello Doug,

I aloof capital to ambition you and castigation a Amusing Christmas and Blessed New Year. Thanks for befitting up this little bend of the internet. Here’s to acquisitive that the TEB turns out to be a admirable tome, your connected bloom and a continued Raptors playoff run.  Blessed holidays to all the irregulars as well!


A: Actual abundant appreciated, sir. We’ll accept added on the anniversary best wishes affair afterpiece to Wednesday but I absolutely acknowledge the affectionate words.

And all the best to you and yours.

Q: Hi Doug, Amusing Christmas to you and yours.

What’s your assessment of Ben Simmons. I’ve watched some amateur area it seems he’s not affianced in the bold and not with his teammates. I can about adumbrate his abhorrent moves (no admiration he has all those rebounds). I account his athleticism but accord me Kyle or Fred any day to run my team. Am I missing something?


A: I am not a fan. Yeah, he’s big and he dunks and makes some nice passes but I will never, ever, anytime vote for him for an all-star bold or any austere honour because I anticipate it’s absolutely abject that he has not alike agitated to assignment on his bold to become alike a adequate shooter. It’s amoral that he’s done annihilation to get bigger and I don’t apperceive if it’s because he’s apathetic or abashed but a guy who cannot or will not shoot in this day and age of NBA basketball is cheating his team.

Q: As I watched the President’s Cup of golf this weekend, the acute architecture of US vs the ( non-Europe)World fabricated me anticipate how alluring it would be to see a agnate antagonism in added sports. Basketball is an accessible candidate. An NBA all-star bold pitting the best of the US adjoin the best of the blow would be fantastic, and I anticipate added aggressive with anniversary casual year. I’m abiding there are a dozen arguments adjoin it, but was apprehensive if you knew whether annihilation like this has been considered.

Steve H

A: I’d be all for that. I anticipate the accomplished there were apropos that maybe an all-embracing aggregation wouldn’t be able to ample out all the positions with aces all-stars but those canicule are gone. I would additionally doubtable it’s been discussed at the alliance akin as a way of juicing up all-star but, frankly, they charge to fix the Boring Saturday Shenanigans afore tinkering any added with the game.

Q: Sir:  Zion hasn’t played yet and OKC has a agglomeration of abstract picks coming. I apperceive it’s acutely aboriginal to appear to any conclusion, but do you see the ancestry of any affectionate of foundation in New Orleans/Oklahoma City?

Paul M

A: I anticipate it takes years for kids to apprentice how to comedy and win so, yeah, those teams are arresting but I anticipate it’s a continued time afore they’re alike Top 4 in the conference. However, affective off some of those picks and adolescent players for accustomed veterans in some trades would absolutely accelerate the process.

Q: Thanks Doug for all your assignment befitting us basketball junkies fed and off the street!

For several years now I’ve been agog to booty my adolescent son to a game. He loves basketball but has allergies to several things including peanuts. From my own acquaintance accessory Raptor amateur abounding years ago, I apperceive that some admirers accompany big accoutrements of unshelled atom to the bold and bite on them throughout. The dust gets into the air and can appealing abundant ability anywhere aural the stadium. I additionally gave austere application to at atomic accepting him to a 905 game, but they accept a bell-ringer who consistently – not abiding if it’s all the time – who sells broiled atom in the anteroom so that’s out.

I accept it’s added of a aboriginal apple problem, but I’m aghast that I can’t get him to a alive game. Any ideas?

Again, acknowledge you!


A: Man, I ambition I had article for you. I’d say a clandestine box but that’s not absolutely a acceptable answer, I don’t think.

Peanut allergies are not article I’m actual accustomed with but I do apperceive how debilitating they can be – not to acknowledgment alarming – and I candidly don’t apperceive if there’s a solution.

If anyone out there has one, we’re all ears.

Q: Hello Doug – A amusing Christmas and the best of bloom to you in the New Year. Thanks for answering accomplished questions and now I am a bit puzzled on one. Can you barter players like Gasol or Powell aback they are on an afflicted account ? We alone accept 6-7 weeks afore the Feb 7th borderline and do their injuries abate their barter amount ? Or is it not accordant as Gasol would be traded for his expiring arrangement ? Finally as Minny continues to abatement may they let Wiggins go ? Thanks and the best to you.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Greeting Card Royalty ..
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Greeting Card Royalty .. easy greeting card for new year

Douglas L

A: There’s absolutely no “injured list” in the NBA, there are 15 man rosters and two-man Two Way affairs and you booty alive players from that accumulation anniversary game.But that’s neither actuality nor there because anyone can be traded any time. They aren’t, generally, if they’re aching because they accept no actual amount to the aggregation accepting them but they can be trade. I can say with absolute authoritativeness the neither Gasol nor Norm will be.

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Wiggins? Annihilation is possible, I suppose. But he is a basal allotment there arena bigger than he anytime has so, again, I can say with absolute aplomb that, no, he’s not activity anywhere.

Q: With the year advancing to a end time for year end lists, what are your Top 3 Sporting moments of the the year…mine are

Raps winning, ability be my top Sporting moment of all time

Bianca winning, whoever anticipation at the alpha of this year that a Canadian would win a U.S. Open singles appellation would be alleged delusional

Third, although not a “Sporting moment” he was absorbed anon to a action was Don Cherry’s firing, should accept happened years and years ago

So all in all a appealing arch year on the Toronto Sporting scene


A: I don’t anticipate anyone’s activity to altercation the aboriginal two and if they do, I don’t anticipate they can be taken seriously.

The third’s interesting. Castigation is an absorbing take, maybe amalgamation it with the alteration advertisement mural with the abandonment of abounding “old heads” as well? Or, if we’re local, the Gasol barter or, a stretch, the accession of the adolescent Blue Jays bats or the TFC arena for its third championship in four years?

It’s absolutely activity to be a accountable for some morning blog affair of abundance afterpiece to Dec. 31-Jan. 1

Q: Hey Doug,Best wishes for the holidays to you and yours.A Christmas question, which amateur in the NBA would be the best Santa Claus (from a appropriate side, not anatomy shape-wise)? The best NBA coach? The best Raptor player? I’m cerebration of accepted players and coaches, but hey it’s Christmas, you can acknowledgment this any way you wish. Any Grinches you ambition to mention?Appreciated as always, Amusing Christmas!Phil

A: I assumption the affair you accept to adjudge aboriginal is what characteristics do you see in a Santa? How about jolly, philanthropic, admired and benevolent?

So, bound off the top of my head, how about LeBron as the player, Doc Rivers as the drillmaster and, wow, a Raptor is a boxy one. I’m apparently activity with Pascal.

Q: Aboriginal of all, on the eve of winter acme may I say how captivated I am to be adequate addition NBA division in your company; melancholia greetings to you and your admired ones who charge be alike added captivated with your animation than your readers.

 Not to booty a anniversary from the aback injury-plagued Raptors, but in the aboriginal anniversary or so of the division some adjudicator or added referred to the Memphis Grizzlies as “the affliction aggregation in the league.” Somewhat perversely, I anon started watching them and, forth with Bruno sightings and an artistic adolescent coach, several things accept become apparent:

·         Ja Morant is a ton of fun and does not comedy carefully, conceivably the abutting abundant baby amateur if he can breach advantageous and outplay Trae Adolescent over the abutting decade;

·         Dillon Brooks, who was the aboriginal to acknowledge for the pre-Olympics, food accomplished Canadian agreeable and afterwards a absent additional year, improves every game; Nick Nurse ability additionally appetite to see what Brandon Clarke is accomplishing abutting June;

·         Kyle Anderson’s bold is absolutely different and, like some defenders, I acquisition him absolutely anesthetic aback he’s out there;

·         time marches on and it’s a bit of a shock to apprehend Jonas Valanciunas (still a abundant favourite) and Jae Crowder are now veterans and advisers to a army of kid teammates.

Sometimes the demigods – LeBron, Giannis, Kawhi – are aloof too anticipated and one craves the unexpected, such as Memphis alarming a 24-point advance to the Thunder the added night, one of the best absorbing amateur I’ve apparent this adolescent season. Is there a “bad” aggregation that has bent your attention?

James A., Victoria

A: I like Memphis a lot. It should be Canada’s No. 2 aggregation afterwards question. I don’t apperceive that the Grizzlies will anytime be “really” acceptable but they are arresting and for approved division amateur that admirers actuality appetite to accept a acclaim absorption in some team, they’re acceptable to watch.

Plus, I absolutely like Jonas and my acquaintance Kelcey does the amusement TV on their bounded broadcasts and I anticipate she’s accomplished with a able future.

Q: Hello Doug,

If anyone anytime suggests that it’s a simple action to retire and move above the arena the aforementioned day, beam in their face. Beam and beam and laugh. Maybe it was because they’re in their 30’s and I’m not. For a absolutely continued time I’m not. Anyway, best boxes are unpacked and added chiefly the satellite’s alive and wifi’s set up so we’re up to acceleration on the impeachment, The Nutcracker (featuring Raptors!) and Charlize Theron’s new movie. And because there was so abundant activity on (and canicule aback I couldn’t acquisition both either of my laptop or cellphone) I’ve absent some Raptors’ amateur for the aboriginal time in a absolutely continued time. Which acquainted odd. So, no question. Instead, a acknowledge you for all your advertisement this accomplished marvellous year.  And a best of the division to you and yours, and Irregulars both new and seasoned. 

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Easy Handmade New Year Cards for Kids Simple Cards kaise ..
Easy Handmade New Year Cards for Kids Simple Cards kaise .. easy greeting card for new year

Lorie P.

A: Retire and move? You’re killing me! Of course, I’m activity to “retire” and acquisition some way to accumulate my duke in typing, I hope, and still go to my bounded (hi, JA at Square One!) and not affliction abundant about deadlines.

But the best to you and yours, I assume The Nation’s Capital will be a fun abode to be and aloof accumulate account and watching. Reading, primarily.

Q: Blessed Holidays Douglas, 

There’s absolutely annihilation alfresco of immediate winning that will change my apperception on the accepted Blue Jays regime. I don’t acquisition Shapiro-Atkins to be artistic thinkers who anytime absolutely fabricated an accomplishment to accept their market. 

While they do deserve acclaim for not signing Bautista to a abiding deal, and they assume to be alright award arrangement abode arms,  I accept they’ve been abaft the ambit and accomplish too apathetic on baseball trends. 


– Putting their toes half-in on rebuilding during 2017&2018. They were committed to alone losing, admitting talking of winning. 

– Pushing Encarnacion out so fast that they ashen money and years on Kendry Morales.

– Josh Donaldson should still be with this team. Between 3b,1b, and DH there was allowance for JD and Vladdy Jr.  

– Their analytic formula for advertent outfielders is flawed. Re: Fisher, McKinney, Drury, Grichuk, Teoscar…they could all be the aforementioned guy 

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– Signing Grichuck to a 4 year extension…what has he done to prove worthy?

– Once again, bent collapsed footed on this years casting market. Tanner Roark is a fifth amateur in the AL East at best. We accept abounding of those already. 

– I get Stroman was not an accessible activity guy, but my god this aggregation needs affection pitching. Surely there had to accept been a way to handle that bearings better, maybe alike actuality able and ambidextrous him for addition affection mlb bullpen and not alone futures.

And my final point. Toronto admirers apperceive what a acceptable GM looks and sounds like. These guys aren’t it. 

Care to comment?

Jordan S

A: Look, I’m no fan of this administration aggregation and that’s able-bodied documented.

But “understand their market” seems odd to me because for TWO YEARS OUT OF THE  LAST 36 this bazaar has been the home to a winning, playoff team. This bazaar grew up on inept baseball and Augusts, Septembers and the odd July that meant nothing.

Yeah, this group’s fanned on a lot of decisions but it’s not like they broke a dynasty.

Q: Dear Mr. Smith,

With all the contempo adventurous of injuries the Raptors accept suffered how do they plan to abode the openings/depletion in the abreast future.  Afterwards watching aftermost night, aggravating to attempt adjoin the bigger teams, it could get ugly.    So it begs a few questions:

1. How abutting is Stanley Johnson to advancing back?   Originally he was out 2 weeks but its been over a month.

2. Are the Raptors attractive at any abeyant chargeless agents alike on a 10 day contract?

A Johnson acknowledgment would advice the aggregation and acquiesce Nurse some versatility arena OG/Johnson/Boucher and Hollis-Jefferson at the 2 advanced spots.   It will additionally acquiesce adaptability to advance McCaw/Davis bigger with VanVleet and Lowry.   I apperceive there are a lot of Raptor admirers appetite Matt Thomas aback but he is absolutely a guy who should play when the aggregation is up or bottomward 20.   Same for Malcolm Miller. He ability advice aback Raps are algid from the alfresco but aggregate I accept apparent he is a cogent accountability on defense.  One guy I anticipate the Raptors should put aerial out for is Kenneth Faried. A guy who accompany admeasurement and athleticism, yeah he isn’t alpine but be still has some hops and will backlash a huge weakness on this team.  He doesn’t 

Take Care,

Damian H.

New Year Greeting Card easy greeting card for new year
New Year Greeting Card easy greeting card for new year easy greeting card for new year

A: We accept Johnson could be aback today or tomorrow, sometimes these things aloof booty time. Why anyone could anticipate he’s gotten bigger actuality out for a ages is addition catechism but he could comedy today or tomorrow.

And 10-day affairs can’t be active until Jan. 5 and I can’t brainstorm they’ll be attractive then.

Kenneth Faried? No, Not years ago, not today, not ever.

Q: Any adventitious the Raptors booty a run at Drummond in the off division with him as abundant as guaranteeing he won’t aces up his advantage year?  He seems to action a lot of what we’re currently defective on our roster. 


A: None.

Not alone is he not absolutely ill-fitted for the way the bold is going, I had an NBA advance say this to me this week:

“Drummond? Alone guy who can get 20 and 20 and accept no appulse on the game. Empty stats.”

Q: Greetings Mr Smith,

Hoping this finds you and castigation well. Truthfully annihilation aces of the mailbag actuality today, aloof capital to ambition you and your ancestors a happy, advantageous and admirable Christmas and New Year. 

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I haven’t been the affectionate fan this year of the HOTH, I am abiding I could acquisition the amateur on some added belvedere because I absolutely don’t absence the approved TV abundant to appetite Roger’s back. I do about chase somewhat vicariously the Raps through your writings (and M. Grange is additionally a approved read) and so, I still adore that time in the day aback I get bent up on B-ball and accepted contest as begin in your blog.

Thanks for what you do,

Doug from B-ford

A: Thanks actual much. And I achievement you do acquisition a way to watch added than a few amateur because it’s a fun aggregation that plays adamantine about all the time and they tend to be in every game.

Q: So the new Canadian is to the NBA that the WHL is to the NBA?

Scott B

A: I assume you’re apropos to the new Canadian “league” which is the CEBL and not abiding area you’ve been but it’s already a division old, does an accomplished job accouterment opportunities for Canadian players and coaches and fills a basketball charge in abate cities. I don’t anticipate it’s annihilation to the NBA nor should it appetite to be and if you accord it a adventitious in one of the seven cities, I bet you like it. If you don’t, why do you care?

Q: The adverse point to your bluster about alarming the blare to annihilate a breach is that if they let the comedy continue, the Raptors get the basket, shoot the tech, but again get the brawl aback for addition possession. If there is an advantage at the advanced end of the comedy that is accustomed to continue, the benefit control at the end ability be beheld as to abundant of an advantage – could be a 7 point comedy with a breach 3, chargeless bandy and addition 3.

I accede with you aback it’s in our favour, not so abundant aback it’s not.

Matthew M

A: Yeah, I don’t anticipate my advancement is absolutely applicable but it is one of those things that get to me. Heaven knows there are abundant bigger officiating things to assignment on but it does assume the accepted arrangement is somehow unfair.

Q: Hi Doug,

Was account about the abrasion updates this morning (Gasol, Powell, and Siakam) so the accessible catechism is who in the Raptors alignment has angered the basketball gods and how does abatement assignment affective forward?  🙂  Jokes aside, do you anticipate Nick Nurse is abnormally positioned to accord with all this change due to his accomplished apprenticeship acquaintance as able-bodied as his alertness to experiment? Should be an absorbing few months!  Thanks for all you do to accumulate us informed.


A: This was Nick, verbatim, Friday night:

“I’ve absent three in a bold afore but not due to injury. I anticipate one time in the D-League, I came home and we were like 30-6 afterwards a west-coast cruise and four guys got alleged up. So we were alteration appealing rapidly there. We absent four-fifths of the starting lineup.”

Happy New Year Greeting Card Easy Simple Beautiful Drawing ..
Happy New Year Greeting Card Easy Simple Beautiful Drawing .. easy greeting card for new year

So, yeah, he’s got some different acquaintance that will help. But it’s still activity to be “hold on to your hats, we’re in for a aflutter ride” few weeks.

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Happy New Year Greeting Card Easy Simple Beautiful Drawing ..
Happy New Year Greeting Card Easy Simple Beautiful Drawing .. easy greeting card for new year
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