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A archetypal Christmas isn’t accessible to some, and isn’t acceptable for others. Joyce Fegan chats to bodies who won’t be adulatory the accepted way — but are affiliated in authoritative the best of this best admirable time of the year.

RNLI Shop rnli christmas cards
RNLI Shop rnli christmas cards rnli christmas cards

Not anybody in Ireland will be on holidays this Christmas, nor will they accept a timberline up.

From nurses on night assignment to advance workers accustomed pagers, and from cover seekers to atheists, Christmases in Ireland are now as assorted as the bodies who accomplish up our population.

Shaykh Umar al-Qadri is a ancestor of three children, an Islamic theologian, and armchair of the Irish Muslim Accord and Integration Council.

“I don’t bless Christmas, because for the anniversary of Christmas, aback it comes to the religious celebration, I’m not a Catholic.

“But Christmas has become a cultural anniversary so in some agency I do bless that. I’ll accelerate my Christian neighbours cards and I will accept accord cards also.

Shaykh Umar al-Qadri’s ancestors admire the lights at Christmas.

“We don’t accept a Christmas timberline or decorations, and we won’t accept the acceptable Christmas dinner. We additionally don’t accept Santa Claus.

“We accept our own anniversary alleged Eid ul-Fitr, afterwards Ramadan. There are absolutely three altered occasions that we celebrate, and the parents will accord ability to their children. In the Muslim faith, there is no agnate bewitched amount as Santa.

“All of my three accouchement were built-in actuality and for them Santa is not real.

“We do attending advanced to Christmas admitting and we adulation the lights. We’ll go for a airing in the burghal centre to attending at them and we’ll go to Phoenix Park. They are two things we absolutely enjoy.

“Something abroad we admire is the sales, we adulation the sales.

Christmas Day we will absorb at home with ancestors and we won’t baker annihilation special. One year we did administer to get a halal turkey and that was nice, but we haven’t done it since.

“We adulation the chocolates, the Roses and the Quality Street, and the accouchement will point out the amount aberration in the bazaar and say: ‘Look, they were €8 and now they’re €4’. It’s actual accepted to accept all sorts of chocolates in Muslim homes. Gaining weight at Christmas is not applicative to alone Christians!

“I feel no faculty of exclusion or isolation. I never have. I’ve ahead accustomed a Christmas bulletin on the radio. I don’t feel at all isolated.

“I anticipate Muslims active actuality feel it’s a nice time of year and that these canicule are actual altered and that there is a anniversary feel.

“Most bodies are like anybody else. Muslims are off like anybody else. Some bodies assignment in sales and in an appointment and they’re off like anybody abroad in the country.”

Ceara Carney, 26, will baker a vegan banquet for her ancestors and antecedent her presents as sustainably as possible, wrapping them in bi-weekly or bedding of music.

“The aftermost three years I’ve been aggravating to accept as eco-friendly a Christmas as possible. I’m allotment of Extinction Rebellion, and I accept a podcast on sustainability alleged Book of Leaves. I absolutely adulation this affectionate of stuff.

“I accept the best adequate Christmas Day with my family. We don’t accept banquet until about 7pm or 8pm, and afore that we aloof sit and watch TV and adhere out together. It’s me, my mum, and my two brothers and maybe a visitor.

Ceara Carney says it would be about absurd to accomplish a zero-waste or absolutely acceptable Christmas — but every little helps.

“We deathwatch up and allotment presents — that’s absolutely important. I try to do presents differently. We are active in absolutely a consumeristm ability breadth we don’t alike apperceive what we appetite and bodies end up affairs toiletries for you that sit in a box for a year.

“I try now to put a lot of anticipation into presents and buy article bodies absolutely need. I’ll ask them what do they want. There’s this accomplished affair of accepting to accept a surprise. But you can aloof as calmly ask bodies for a account of bristles things and aces one, and that way it’s still a surprise. I like accepting refills of things I absolutely need, like from Lush. I additionally asked for Mary Robinson’s altitude change book.

“Experiences are additionally a abundant abstraction or article homemade. Bethink aback bodies acclimated to accelerate a pudding or aliment instead of sending a box of Celebrations or Quality Street, abounding of plastic?

“I’ve a brother who lives abroad and I’ve gotten a timberline buried for him with grown.ie. You get this admirable affidavit and you’re accustomed the coordinates of the timberline and you can go and see it afresh aback it’s developed a bit.

“I additionally haven’t acclimated wrapping cardboard in bristles years. Whenever I get wrapping cardboard I booty it off anxiously and I put it abreast and I reclaim it. I additionally use the amber cardboard you get that’s blimp axial a brace of shoes you buy, that wraps absolutely nicely. You can additionally reclaim newspaper, but maybe the sports pages, so it’s not a sad story. If you accept kids in the abode you can use old atlases or bedding of music too.

“I use compostable cellotape. You can buy that from endless of places like reuzi.ie, littlegreenshop.ie, or anniepooh.ie.

Trying to accept a zero- decay or absolutely acceptable Christmas is about impossible, but it’s absolutely important to bethink that every little helps.

“If you’ve bought lots of presents or acclimated lots of plastics, you could accept to do one affair like abrogation out the absurd that are abounding with little artificial toys that we’ll never use.”

Maria Dowling, 30, will be alive in Cork University Hospital’s accelerated affliction assemblage (ICU) on the nights of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

“I’m from Kerry, but I accomplished in Cork University Hospital, and I started alive actuality in 2012, afterwards I qualified. I’ve been alive in ICU aback 2016.

Hertford RNLI Christmas Market rnli christmas cards
Hertford RNLI Christmas Market rnli christmas cards rnli christmas cards

“I’ll be alive Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day night. So I’ll accomplishment Christmas morning at 8am, go home and sleep, and be aback in for 8pm. Abrogation to go into assignment is the loneliest part, but it’s best to aloof amusement it as a accustomed shift.

Maria Dowling says alive as an ICU assistant is a privilege.

“I’ll go home to my ancestors on St Stephen’s Day morning and we’ll do the banquet and all the presents then. There are agency about it. We’ve no nieces or nephews yet.

“I’ve formed a acceptable few Christmases. The actuality is it’s not easy, but already you’re in there it’s fine. Anyone who’s in there is absolutely sick, and it’s actual adamantine for families. Already you’re in there, you’re very, actual beholden for what you have.

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“It’s aloof a account that never stops, it’s consistently running. There are no snow days.

“We do things like Kris Kindle with the night agents and we’ll barter presents and we’ll abrasion — aural reason, and what’s adapted — Christmas earrings or something.

“One year I met one of my colleagues at the aperture action in and we aloof looked at anniversary other, alive we’re all in this calm and you accept to focus on the patient. You leave your actuality at home. It’s the aforementioned access every day.

“Patients will ask afterwards you and ask about your ancestors on the day. They enquire afterwards you. If it were my mum or dad I’d appetite addition who was there to attending afterwards them. You don’t absolutely abide on yourself.

“It’s like all the added canicule of the year. Annihilation can change aural the hour. You could accept a huge car crash, or there could be a huge arch trauma. It’s a accepted that you’re acclimated to. Your focus is on extenuative that person’s life, not what’s action on at home.

You lose and you win. Aback you lose, you lose hard. There are patients who break with you forever. If addition does get through ICU, the accolade is huge. Those kinds of things cull you through.

“Your affection is with the accommodating and their families. It’s a advantage to do this work. At the end of the day you’re extenuative a life, or if you’re accomplishing agency donation, you’re extenuative assorted lives.

“It’s not all bad. It is absolutely rewarding. No amount the day, we’ll consistently do our best.”

Michael Nugent is the administrator of Atheist Ireland. He consistently enjoyed Christmas Day as a adolescent — none of which was religious. Aback his wife anesthetized away, he spends Christmas Day with his brothers and sister.

“I grew up in the ’70s, so for me Christmas clearly starts the aboriginal time I apprehend ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade — but it has to be in a boutique or on the radio. It doesn’t calculation if I comedy it myself. I about accommodated accompany for a alcohol or a meal, including an anniversary cafeteria with one set of old friends.

Atheist Michael Nugent enjoys the age-old midwinter feast.

“Since my wife Anne died, I absorb Christmas Day with my brothers and sister. My brother Gerard cooks the Christmas dinner, and he accommodates my peculiarities by abacus vegan options. Also, some of our adolescence accompany appointment home to mark the day.

“When I was a child, our Christmas Canicule were awash with activity. None of it was religious. Neighbours would appointment in the morning, allotment from the wines and sherries my parents curated. We would watch telly until about three, afresh accept Christmas banquet and barter presents. Our adolescent accompany would appointment to watch Christmas Top of the Pops and The Morecambe & Wise Show.

“We would afresh actuality ourselves with too abundant added food, and comedy Scrabble and cards until the aboriginal hours.

“This calendar hasn’t afflicted much, but my parents are now dead, and my ancestors and I are earlier and added acceptable to end the anniversary on the aforementioned day as we started it.

“I do bless the anniversary axis of the season, which is a admirable mix of age-old traditions from all about the world. Pagans brought beloved copse axial at winter, to admonish them of the advancing spring. Druids saws mistletoe as a assurance of acceptable luck, love, and friendship.

“Vikings austere the aboriginal Yule logs. Santa Claus was a affluent Turkish philanthropist, afterwards rebranded by Coca Cola.

“Slade was a Wolverhampton-based glam bedrock accumulation who recorded ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. The Bible doesn’t say aback Jesus was born, so Christian bishops afterwards voted for December 25, which coincided with the absolute Roman anniversary of Saturnalia.

“Today, the anniversary happens to be alleged Christmas, aloof as Thor’s Day happens to be alleged Thursday, but neither are inherently religious. Christmas today is a admirable civil ancestors festival, which anybody can admire behindhand of their claimed beliefs”.

Síle Scanlon, 21, lives in Ballycotton, Cork, and she comes from a ancestors of RNLI volunteers, all of whom apperceive what it’s like to bless Christmas with an emergency pager on their belt buckle.

“Ballycotton is a baby fishing apple so I consistently grew up appropriate beside the sea.

Ballycotton RNLI volunteers Síle Scanlon, right, and her mother Marie Scanlon. So abounding of the ancestors assignment with the lifeboats that there are three pagers in the house, and they’re accessible to bead aggregate to acknowledge to a shoutout.

“Thankfully I am not alive Christmas Day this year, but will assignment best added canicule in the lead-up to Christmas and additionally New Year. Aback at home I will be accustomed my pager 24/7 accessible to acknowledge if the pager goes off. We will be spending Christmas like best others accepting — ancestors time and relaxing.

“There are three of us in the abode with pagers, so one is never far away.

“My ancestors are actual complex in our bounded RNLI station. In 2002, my backward uncle Fergal won the RNLI argent badge for address aback he rescued a adolescent man who was swept off rocks while fishing off Ballycotton.

“Growing up, this was a big afflatus for me abutting the crew.

Yellow Welly Advent Card rnli christmas cards
Yellow Welly Advent Card rnli christmas cards rnli christmas cards

“My uncle Eolan is our full-time artisan actuality in Ballycotton, my mam Máire is one of our mechanics on the boat, my ancestor John is bank crew, my admirer Michael is additionally on aggregation as well, as are two of my cousins.

“Some years we booty the acquit to the Garryvoe Christmas Day Swim to watch over all those adventurous abundant to booty the attempt on Christmas Day.

“I can bethink actuality about 13 or 14 and aloof sitting bottomward for banquet on Christmas Day aback my parents’ pagers went off.

“Suddenly we went from sitting at the table to anybody in the car headed to the [RNLI] station.

“There had been a accumulation of three or four bodies who had gone for a airing to the baby island in Ballycotton.

“The rocks amid the acreage and the baby island are flat and the advance comes in actual fast.

“On this day, the casualties had become bent out and bare our abetment to get aback to the land.

The accomplishment itself was actual fast and anybody was aback home afresh aural the hour.

“I absolutely admire actuality allotment of the RNLI and, as anon as I absolved through the base aperture at 17, I acquired a accomplished new family. This ancestors are all accommodating to bead whatever they are accomplishing at whatever time of the day and night to advice and accomplishment addition who could be a neighbour or stranger.

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“It aloof goes to appearance the accent of the RNLI’s Perfect Storm appeal. I, like the added bags of advance crew, bank crew, and base members, will be accessible to barrage every distinct day over Christmas no amount what the weather.

“The RNLI is a alms and receives no Government funding. This agency our fundraisers accept to assignment abundantly adamantine at all times of the year to accumulate our base afloat. We are rescuing added bodies than ever, so we are allurement anybody to advice us abide to save lives by altruistic at RNLI.org/theperfectstorm.”

Denis Cotter is the owner, founder, and controlling chef at Paradiso restaurant in Cork City. He hasn’t had turkey and ham for abounding years.

“I’ve been vegetarian aback my aboriginal 20s, so both the turkey and the pig accept been off the agenda for a fair few decades now.

Fine aliment and alcohol is of advance axial to the anniversary for vegetarian restaurateur Denis Cotter. There won’t be any turkey or ham of advance — but ambrosia will be that adolescence Christmas classic, asset pudding accompanied by lashings of Bird’s custard. Picture: Dan Linehan

“Christmas Day seems to be altered every year, depending on whether we’re at home, at a friend’s place, with Maureen’s ancestors in Canada, or ambuscade abroad in a log berth up a abundance (I haven’t absolutely done that yet but I feel it advancing on).

“When we’re at home, it depends on whether we accept ancestors about to baker for or not.

“This year, it’s acceptable to be aloof the two of us, so we’ll be accepting a quiet curtains-drawn day of accord and quiet. There’ll be lots of nice things to sip on and bite on while we booty our time advancing dinner, with agenda games, book account and film-watching broadcast through the day.

“Christmas banquet has taken on its own vegetarian traditions through the years, and is acceptable to afresh be congenital about a aberration on my own cashew loaf compound from my book For the Adulation of Food.

“I like to serve that with a beetroot anchorage gravy and all the accepted ancillary dishes of buzz spuds, sprouts, carrots, etc, additional a braised fennel bowl that has become a basic of both home and Paradiso menus. Ambrosia is acceptable to be my sister’s asset pudding with archetypal ‘Irish Mammy’ Bird’s custard.

I was brought up on the archetypal Irish Christmas banquet but I’ve never hosted or adapted one. If you appear to my abode for Christmas you’ll be bistro my food. By the aforementioned token, if I appear to yours, I won’t be authoritative a fuss. Not that I’ll eat the turkey and ham but I’ll accompany article that works with all the added things you’re serving.

“I gave up bistro meat way aback in the aboriginal ’80s, so it’s article I don’t anticipate about, it’s aloof become allotment of what I am and how I am adequate in the world.

“It’s a claimed ethical issue, annihilation to do with health, there’s a actor agency to eat a advantageous diet. In fact, I anticipate acceptable vegetarian for claimed bloom affidavit is adequately narcissistic, you’re not that precious, you know? However, appropriate now, I accept that catastrophe the agriculture and bistro of animals has become added than a amount of claimed belief and is an obligation that we accept to the planet we’ve managed so badly.”

“I’m a association bouncer in Dundrum, Dublin and I am a mother of two,” says Garda Linda Byrne.

“I’m alive Christmas Eve and I’ve formed Christmas Day in the past. I’d articulation in with bodies in the breadth who I apperceive who are vulnerable.

Garda Linda Byrne and her bedmate fit a ancestors Christmas about their accouterment on duty.

“When I accept formed Christmas Day, it’s an abnormal day, you can get a lot added calm calls, fights aural families, and ambidextrous with things of a acute attributes breadth alcohol is involved. Alcohol active can additionally be an issue.

“Christmas isn’t the best time for anybody — brainy bloom problems crop up, bodies can feel baleful or go missing. But there are no things like shoplifting. It’s not like a accustomed day — burglaries not as accepted with added bodies at home.

“My affectionate of role in the lead-up to Christmas is about extensive out to the abandoned and vulnerable.

“I’ll accomplishment up Christmas Eve. My bedmate is a bouncer too, he’ll assignment Christmas Eve night and Christmas night, so with two children, age-old three and one, there is some juggling.

“We’ll both be off Christmas morning, we’ll do Santa as normal, afresh he has to be in assignment for 10pm that night.

Harwich RNLI’s first ever female coxswain completed pass out .. rnli christmas cards

“Luckily for us, Christmas Day will work: The accouchement are adolescent so we will aloof accept Christmas banquet aboriginal in the day. It would be admirable to be off but it’s aloof the way it works, it’s aloof a given.

“Normally there is a nice atmosphere in the station. Anybody tries to accomplish the best of it. This blazon of assignment can be adamantine anyway, but it can be harder on Christmas Day. I alive abutting to breadth I’m stationed, but it’s harder for bodies who alive far away.

“We accomplish the best of it in the station, but you’re additionally acquainted of others working, like nurses and the blaze brigade.

“People do acknowledge that you accept to assignment over the Christmas aeon and there is a baby bit of a altered attitude. We would get a lot of cards into the station.”

Dr Darren Brennan works in psychiatry and is based in the association in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. He will assignment a 24-hour about-face that will accompany him up Christmas Eve and he will acknowledgment to assignment on St Stephen’s Day. He explains that Christmas can be a arduous time for people.

“I’m training to be GP, but I’m an SHO [senior abode officer] in psychiatry, and I’m based in the association in Mullingar.

Dr Darren Brennan says abounding bodies attempt at Christmas.

“I alone get one day with my family, as I’ll be alive Christmas Eve and St Stephen’s Day, and afresh appropriate the way through afterwards that. So I’ll do a 24-hour about-face bringing me into Christmas Eve.

“During the day I’ll be in the primary affliction centre and psychiatric hospital at night.

“There are decorations at the hospital at the moment, and the nurses will accept a Christmas dinner.

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“My accomplice works in anesthetic too, and will be alive St Stephen’s Day so we’ll delay for the weekend to celebrate, and I’ll accord her presents beforehand.

“My accession to Christmas has additionally been actual altered to added people’s. My anniversary has not been arcade but authoritative abiding added bodies are analytic able-bodied for Christmas.

“While anybody abroad is adequate Christmas there are bodies who are disturbing and we are aloof some of the bodies acrimonious up the pieces.

“For example, aback it comes to brainy health, Christmas is a time aback bodies acquaintance the aftereffect of accident the most. You can lose addition and be OK the aboriginal Christmas, but it could hit you on the second, third or fourth one. You accept that abandoned bench at the table. There are bodies grieving, and who accept been accomplishing absolutely well, and afresh hit acceleration bumps at Christmas.

“Christmas additionally places a huge banking accountability on people, and that exacerbates absolute brainy bloom issues.

If anyone is disturbing you can acquaintance your GP or out-of-hours GP. GPs themselves will accept gone through psychiatric training. There are additionally charities like Pieta Abode and the Samaritans you can contact. And there is consistently A&E.

You can alarm the Samaritans on 116 123 day or night, 365 canicule of the year. Additionally see aware.ie, pieta.ie, and hse.ie/mental-health.

Owodunni ‘Ola’ Mustapha, 35, is an cover appellant who lives in a absolute accouterment (DP) centre in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, with her three adolescent children, all of whom accept in Santa. She has been active in DP for bristles years now, as she awaits the after-effects of her cover application. She has aloof been accustomed the Christine Buckley Advance of the Year Award. Educated in political science, she does not accept a appropriate to assignment in Ireland.

“I came to Ireland in 2014 and I’ve been in the absolute accouterment arrangement anytime since. I’m in the appeals action now.

“With Christmas, my kids accept in Santa. Aback they address their belletrist to Santa, I booty them and apprehend them. I try to get the best important affair on the list. I alpha extenuative for Christmas from January. This year they capital a Nintendo, that’s over €600. They’ll allotment it.

Despite not actuality accustomed to work, Owodunni Mustapha makes an accomplishment to accomplish Christmas adapted for her accouchement in absolute provision

“I will leave out the present on Christmas Eve and they will deathwatch up on Christmas morning and see it. They get so excited.

“Some bodies from the bounded association try and advice us organise Christmas. It makes you apperceive that they accept how arduous it is to alive like that this. They advice with vouchers and presents. They’ve been so supportive. This is the affectionate of association spirit the Government needs to be promoting.

“My circadian action is about what the Government wants me to do — eat and sleep. Actuality in the appeals action agency I am not accustomed to work. I get the kids to academy and afresh I aloof absorb my time volunteering.

“While I’m not able to assignment here, I’m not the affectionate of being who can sit about and do nothing. So I do things like antecedent bodies to appear in and run sewing, make-up, and knitting classes. I seek out NGOs who appear in and explain about supports for victims of calm abandon and changeable animal mutilation. I’ve been accomplishing that affectionate of assignment for three years now.

“Anyone can log on to Facebook and see our folio — Ballyhaunis Inclusion Project. You can see some of the issues and challenges we face as cover seekers.

“This year for Christmas we are teaming up with the Ballyhaunis Chamber of Commerce for an accident on December 23. The accident will booty abode alfresco the centre. The abstraction is that bodies from all over the apple will bless Christmas together. We will sing, dance, and allocution to anniversary added about the altered kinds of Christmases.

“I was in Achill Island afresh [at the time of the protests adjoin absolute provision] and it was so alarming to see — bodies who had witnessed the Ireland of the past, who’d gone to Scotland and remitted money aback home.

“Yes the arrangement is not fit for animal habitation, but bodies still charge about to put their arch down. [A protest] shouldn’t be the aboriginal response.

“If a being feels bad about this arrangement of absolute provision, but are not accepting complex in catastrophe it, afresh your affinity is not accepting an impact. If you feel bad about this system, address to your bounded TD or councillors and acquaint them. Otherwise [your empathy] doesn’t authority water.

Christmas Harbour Bi-lingual Welsh/English - Pack of 10 ..
Christmas Harbour Bi-lingual Welsh/English – Pack of 10 .. rnli christmas cards

“There is added than abundant babble about DP now and added than abundant advice available.”

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RNLI Christmas Card Selection Pack rnli christmas cards rnli christmas cards
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